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Identity Theft Revisited

This week we spoke about Identity Theft and ways you can protect yourself better from being one of the millions that are affected each and every year.

Here is a website article on how to avoid becoming an Identity Theft victim:

Many of these suggestions can be found in the brochure our agency has created on Identity Theft, feel free to call our office and request one today!

Also as a part of the program Matt shared a little info on a Halloween Safety Tips sheet that Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company has put out to protect your little ghouls & goblins this weekend. You can find a copy HERE

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Winterizing Your Home

This week we discuss ways to prepare your home for winter while helping to avoid potential claims. Here’s a link to preparing an emergency kit for your home:

Listen to the episode here:

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Let’s Talk Insurance – The Benefits of Open Perils Coverage

The past couple of weeks on our radio program (which is available at we have been discussing the benefits of the Open Perils Endorsement, that is available for purchase on most homeowners insurance products. Your home & outbuildings enjoy Open Peril coverage (meaning whatever IS NOT excluded on the policy is covered), while your contents (your “stuff”) is covered for Named Perils only (meaning there is a list of 17 occurrences that are covered).

Another benefit for the Open Perils Endorsement is that the burden of proof at the time of loss is on the insurance company to prove that the loss is excluded on the policy. A standard homeowners policy (HO-3) places the burden of proof on the insured to prove that the loss is covered under one of the 17 named perils. I know for myself I would rather have the insurance company prove to me that its not covered versus myself having to prove that it is.

The downside is that your insurance deductible still applies to any loss, which is why we recommend “scheduling” items such as jewelry, electronics (such as cell phones & computers), & collectible items. By “scheduling” items on an insurance policy, it not only places the Open Perils coverage on the items but also eliminates the deductible.

If you don’t have a Hometown Insurance Agent where you live (Michigan residents only), visit us for a quote –

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Welcome To Our Blog

Each week we will summarize our Wednesday episodes of “Let’s Talk Insurance” with more information & links of importance in regards to the particular show. Be sure to visit for more information & to contact us!

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