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Let’s Talk Insurance – That’s Life!

This week Tom & Matt talk with Bob Koning from New York Life about a subject that many people don’t like to talk about – death. We learned a lot about life insurance and who needs it the most. Who needs it the most? Listen to the podcast to find out!

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Let’s Talk Insurance – Hunter Safety

This week Tom & Matt spoke about hunter safety as well as things to think about regarding insurance & hunting. They also spoke about what to do in case of a deer collision:

Ease off the brakes and hit the deer. DO NOT try to avoid the deer as you may end up into oncoming traffic or hit another obstacle, which could cause more serious damage.

Here is a Good Morning America clip about deer collisions:

And here is a refresher on the hunting safety tips discussed on the show:

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Winterizing Your Ride

This week Tom & Matt discussed tips on winterizing your vehicle and also shared winter driving tips. Here is the website they mentioned about other tips to take into consideration for preparing your vehicle for winter:

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