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Christmas Morning

This week, Tom & Matt had fun “pretending” it’s Christmas morning as they exchanged gifts and explained how to cover their presents properly. Also, Tom finally got his “pig in a blanket” – but not the one he was expecting!

You can listen to the podcast HERE

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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Little-Known Insurance Coverages

Last week, Tom & Matt discussed some “little-known” insurance coverage options that may be available on your homeowners insurance policy. These coverages, although for the most part inexpensive, can mean BIG coverage when it comes to a loss!

Personal Computer Blanket – Offers from $2500 to $20000 in computer equipment replacement with no deductible & “open perils” coverage (whatever isn’t excluded is covered). A great buy for that technophile that gets new computers & related equipment every couple of years.

Collectible Personal Property Coverage – offers coverage for collections from memorabilia to figurines. There are 2 optional limits, $25000 for unscheduled items or $100000 for scheduled items. This is perfect for someone with an unusual collection that may not fit one of the Scheduled Personal Property categories. There is a $250 per claim and includes the peril of “breakage” on on scheduled items.

Jewelry Blanket Coverage – The cost is a little more than the Unscheduled Jewelry endorsement, but is less than scheduling individual pieces of jewelry. Coverage amounts start at $2500 and can increase up to $25000, with a maximum of $5000 for any one piece. We recommend that those who have pieces of jewelry to please schedule them on their homeowners.

Recreational Sports Equipment Coverage – Covers up to $2500 in recreational sports equipment, accessories, & related clothing (think hunting equipment, golf equipment, tennis,etc.). There is a $50 deductible BUT is on an “open peril” basis as far as coverage.

Equipment Breakdown – A lot like Boiler & Machinery Coverage on a commercial policy, it offers coverage for “sudden & accidental” breakdown of household equipment. It does not cover wear & tear, neglect, or inherent defect and there is a $500 deductible that supercedes the policy deductible.

Earthquake Coverage – With this coverage you must choose a limit for each of the following – Dwelling, Other Structures, & Personal Property. Each have a separate “percentage” deductible (meaning you would owe 2/5/10% of the total damage claimed instead of a dollar deductible).

Residential Glass Deductible Waiver – Does what it says, waives the policy deductible for damaged glass on a home.

Theft of Building Materials Coverage – covers building materials used in the course of remodeling/renovation/reconstruction of an existing home. Comes in handy for those that are upgrading or re-doing their homes.

Listen to the podcast HERE

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Let’s Talk Insurance – A Policy For a Rainy Day

This week, Tom & Matt discussed the topic of a personal umbrella policy. This type of policy is meant as an “excess liability” policy meaning that it takes over AFTER the underlying liability coverage (from a home/car/motorcycle policy) has been exhausted.

Limits for a personal umbrella policy start out at $1 million and often go up to $5 million typically. There are policies out there that will offer limits higher than that, but of course the premium is much more.

There are eligibility requirements in order to get a personal umbrella policy, as well as limitations & exclusions. We highly recommend finding a hometown insurance agent to see how a personal umbrella policy fits into your family’s coverage plan. Don’t have one and live in the great state of Michigan? Visit us at to find out more about us or call for a quote!

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