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Bad Motor Scooter

This week Tom & Matt discuss a bit about Safeco’s new low-mileage discount & about a couple of bills that are before the Michigan house & senate regarding the helmet law repeal. Wonder who’s responsible for a motorcyclist’s injuries in an auto/cycle accident? Listen in and find out!

Listen to the podcast HERE

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Not for the Squeamish, pt 2

This week, Tom & Matt continue their conversation about biohazard clean up & remediation with Tim Fish & Dana Rickers from The Clean Source. Some of the topics covered on this show included hoarding, bats, meth labs, & how insurance factors into these situations.

Again, dealing with biohazard incidents in your home or business need to be taken care of properly by professionals! If you find yourself in a situation and need help or guidance and you live in the West Michigan area, give The Clean Source a call (616) 457-1903 or visit them on the web at

You can listen to the podcast HERE & don’t forget to visit our website –!

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Not for the Squeamish, pt 1

On the show we talked with Timothy Fish & Dana Rickers from The Clean Source about some things that people don’t want to think about but need to know what to do when they occur. The Clean Source not only handles fire & water restoration & mold remediation services, they also handle biohazard/trauma clean up as well as meth lab cleaning.

Biohazard clean up needs to be left to professionals because of the dangers involved. Be sure to contact a firm that is licensed & trained for biohazard clean up/remediation such as The Clean Source…

If you’re in the West MI area, contact The Clean Source at (616) 457-2098 or visit them on the web –

You can access this podcast to listen again by clicking HERE

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