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Things That Matter

This week, Tom & Matt discuss some of the factors that go into insurance rating. These by far are only a handful of the factors but the insight should help you understand the price you pay. Visit them online at

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Information is Power

This week Tom & Matt discuss the reasons behind the cacophony of questions they ask potential customers who call into their agency for a quote. The questions asked are for YOUR benefit to maximize discounts and get you the best rate possible! Visit them online at!

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What’s Insurance Got To Do With Funerals? pt 2

This week Tom & Matt continue their conversation with Steve Langeland of Langeland-Sterenberg Funeral Home about how insurance relates to end-of-life arrangements. You can visit their website at

Here are the resource websites to check out on funeral planning:

Funeral Planning 101

Pre-Planning a Funeral

Listen to the second part of the podcast HERE