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Nice Doggie

This week on “Let’s Talk Insurance” we spoke about dogs and insurance. Unfortunately there are “blacklists” of dogs that insurance carriers either will not write homeowner/renter/condo insurance for or will heavily surcharge the owner. This is based on research & actuarial data bearing out the likelihood of a liability claim paying out on the particular breed.

ABC News has this article from a few years ago talking about the impact of dog bites in the insurance industry. Close to half a billion dollars have been paid out in dog bite liability claims, a third of all home liability claims.

Bankrate offered this article onĀ 11 breeds that have been targeted by insurance carriers as being uninsurable or surchargeable. If you notice, most of the breeds talk of being bred for guarding/hunting or are large strong breeds.

If you own an animal, consider increasing your home insurance liability limits & purchasing a personal umbrella. Your financial future could be ruined by just one dog bite…

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