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Looking for an Agent

Finding an Agent

Tom and Matt this week discussed some ways to find your own “hometown” insurance agent. With a flood of options out there as far as insurance goes – from direct writers to captive agents & independents – it’s difficult to gauge where to go for insurance and cheapest price isn’t the best indicator.

Some of the qualities to look for in a “hometown” insurance agent include:

Local – Well, within the same state at least. You want to have an agent that is familiar with your state’s insurance requirements & applicable coverage. Both Matt & Tom have had to “school” out-of-state customer service reps on Michigan insurance coverages and how they apply. Knowing you have a “local” agent that understands the requirements & coverage can be a big help in case of a loss.

Available – A “hometown” agent doesn’t necessarily mean they operate right down the street from you, but it does mean that you are able to contact them with questions or coverage changes. The internet has certainly helped insurance agents become more available through email & VOIP. Your agent could be 3 towns away and you still get the feeling they are right down the street.

Understanding – You want an agent to in effect see where you’re coming from & suggest ways to better protect your assets & future income. Anyone can sell on price. Only a “hometown” insurance agent is going to take the time to look over your situation in order to find discounts or additional coverages that you may need (or coverage you can eliminate).

Willing – Matt has been stunned by what some clients say when calling in for a quote on their insurance. He has heard of other agents offering to get quotes for clients 2 or 3 days later. This is unacceptable. Our agency basically guarantees a quote turnaround within 45 minutes (barring internet, website issues, or specialty quotes needing additional information or underwriting approval). A “hometown” agent is willing to accommodate the client (within reason).

Proactive – A “hometown” agent is proactive, looking at renewal reports & being involved in the claims process in order to help clients understand their policy renewals or the claims process. A “hometown” agent isn’t afraid to step up to the plate when warranted on behalf of the client.

A lot of people these days are shopping based on price alone when it comes to their insurance. Sure the savings is there, but what service are you receiving for the that price? Look at finding a “hometown” insurance agent that can offer you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

While you’re looking, if you’re in Michigan – call us at Marsilje & Vander Plow, 616-396-1497. Let us become your “Hometown” insurance agent!

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