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Loaning Liability

Loaning Liability


This week Matt talks about the pitfalls when it comes to loaning your car to someone else or even allowing a child who does not live with you to remain on your auto policy.It could be a dangerous situation that might jeopardize your financial future!


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Shoveling It

Shoveling It


This week is another article from Safeco Insurance Company on proper snow shoveling tips…


Winter is here, and with it comes many traditions and activities: Holiday celebrations with loved ones, skiing and snowboarding outings in the mountains, fireplace-lit living rooms, homemade batches of soup… and shoveling snow.

Should you live somewhere when snow storms hit and your driveway and walkways are covered with the cold white stuff, you might want to just stay inside. But if your work and personal commitments make that impossible, you’ll need to first dig out the snow shovel – or make sure it’s handy before the snow flies!

For many people across the state, snow shoveling will be both a reality and a necessity this winter. At Marsilje & Vander Plow Insurance Agency, we want to ensure your efforts will get you on your way while also keeping you safe, so here are some snow-shoveling tips offered by the Boston Herald:
* Warm-up! Never jump right into an activity. Start by cleaning off your car.
* Place your hands a good distance apart on the shovel – it helps with leverage.
* Never bend at your waist.
* Push the snow when you can.
* Scoop smaller loads of snow.
* Use your legs, core and arms to help scoop and throw snow.
* Always step in the direction you throw snow to avoid excessive twisting on your lower back.
If snow shoveling is on your winter task list, we at Marsilje & Vander Plow Insurance Agency wish you both a clear sidewalk and a healthy body.

A couple of videos showing proper snow shoveling techniques:

Fairfax County, VA’s YouTube video

Health eNews’ YouTube Video


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Love & Insurance?

Love & Insurance?


Have some new jewelry in the house? Protect it!

Ah, Valentine’s Day is near, and love is in the air. Well, love and a few other things, such as chocolates, romantic dinners, candy hearts that say “Be Mine” – and, of course, jewelry.

When at home this Valentine’s Day, you should take a few minutes to think about something you probably don’t find exciting or romantic: insurance.

Things to consider when insuring jewelry:

You may need to purchase additional coverage. Your homeowners policy covers valuable items such as jewelry only up to set amounts. If the cost of replacing your jewelry exceeds that limit, you will want to purchase scheduled personal property coverage. You can check your policy or give us a call at 616-396-1497.

You might want to reconsider your deductible amounts. As always, this impacts your policy premium. It’s a good idea to take a look at your deductibles whenever you make a change to your policy.

Do you need an appraisal? You may need to have an independent appraisal if the insurance company requires it or if you don’t know the value of your jewelry. Each item should be listed with a description and value on paper.

What kind of coverage is offered? You’ll want to determine if items are covered no matter where they are, whether they’re in Michigan, or on an international trip, and if the policy offers full replacement cost. You also should ask if you will be required to replace your jewelry if lost or stolen, or if you can simply keep the cash settlement.

Pictures can be helpful. Lost or stolen pieces of jewelry sometimes can be recreated if the jeweler has a good photograph to work from.

Should I go with a company that specializes in jewelry insurance? There are companies that specialize in jewelry insurance. Whether you choose one of these, or a company that we represent, you’ll want to make sure they are reputable and stable.

Is the value of your jewelry mainly sentimental? Is an item irreplaceable? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” you might consider foregoing insurance. But please, talk to us at  before making that decision. That’s what we’re here for.

Of course, it’s important to store your jewelry securely when it’s not in use; a safe in your home or a safe-deposit box is best. We want your jewelry to be replaced if it’s lost or stolen, but we’d rather your sentimental and valuable pieces stay with you and your family for years to come.

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is full of fun and romance. And if there’s no jewelry involved, well, there’s always next year!

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Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot

When you get married, not only are you joining hearts & lives you are also joining together households & incomes. Before the big day you both need to sit down with your hometown insurance agent and discuss what needs to be done as far as insuring your new lives together. Matt shared this article from Grange Insurance on 6 tips to consider when tying the knot.

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