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Automobile Medical

Automobile Medical


This week Matt discussed some state-specific information in regards to medical coverage for automobile accident claims in Michigan. Matt was hit by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian earlier this week and the priority sequence for medical coverage came up.

Here in the state of Michigan there is a sequence of coverage when it comes to injuries relating to automobile accidents:

  1. Patient’s Auto Coverage – if you have a personal automobile policy, your injuries are covered when you are driving in an automobile, a passenger in an automobile, as a pedestrian, or as a bicyclist.
  2. Household Auto Coverage – If you do not have a personal automobile policy and there is one in the household (resident relative, roommate, etc.), your injuries would be covered by an auto policy in the household.
  3. The Car’s Auto Coverage – If neither of the above apply, the owner of the vehicle you were driving, riding in, or hit by’s automobile insurance would cover your injuries.
  4. The Driver’s Auto Coverage – If the vehicle does not have automobile insurance, the driver of the vehicle’s automobile insurance coverage would cover your injuries.
  5. Michigan’s Assigned Claims Plan – If there is no coverage elsewhere, you may be able to get your injuries covered by the MACP.


Motorcycles are a bit different:

  1. Victim – either medical coverage on your motorcycle policy or have health insurance that would cover motorcycle accidents.
  2. Spouse/Household – if the victim does not have coverage and a spouse or household member may have health insurance that will cover them.
  3. Owner of Vehicle – the owner of the vehicle that was involved in the motorcycle accident would cover the motorcyclist’s injuries.
  4. Driver of Vehicle – if the owner of the vehicle does not have an automobile policy, the driver of the vehicle’s automobile policy would cover the motorcyclist’s injuries.
  5. Association – if none of the above apply, coverage for medical injuries could be covered by the MACP.

Keep in mind that even if the motorcyclist is at-fault in the accident, VSODA will still apply. So if they or their household doesn’t have medical coverage, they can get coverage from the owner or driver of the motor vehicle’s automobile policy.


Thanks for tuning in this week!

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