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Snowmobile Safety

Snowmobile Safety


In 2015 there were 14 fatalities along with numerous serious injuries relating to snowmobiles in Michigan. A majority of those accidents could have been avoided, most were related to 2 different factors – speed & riding at night.

Snowmobiles are fun recreational vehicles for some & a lifeline to civilization for others during the harsh winter months. The Michigan DNR has an article with some tips on how to be safe while operating your sled:

  1. Always keep your vehicle in top mechanical condition. Having a disabled sled in the middle of nowhere is not the best place to be.
  2. Wear the appropriate gear including insulated clothing, goggles, & a properly-rated safety helmet. The temperatures drop rapidly while riding a sled, best to be protected against the elements.
  3. Just like with hunting, don’t go out alone if possible. If something goes wrong, there is someone that can help or be able to go and get help.
  4. When possible, do not ride across frozen bodies of water. Ice thickness can vary and it is VERY difficult to gauge whether or not a lake or pond is solid enough for riding across.
  5. Never operate your sled on a street or highway. If you have to cross a street or highway to get to a trail, come to a complete stop & raise up off the seat to look for oncoming traffic.
  6. Keep your headlights & tail lights on at all times.
  7. Watch the terrain ahead of you and look low-hung fences/wires or for depressions in the snow, these could be indicators for low areas or possible debris that has been covered over.
  8. Of course don’t operate the sled if you’ve consumed alcohol or drugs.


Riding a snowmobile around Michigan’s “Winter Wonderland” is amazing, but it can also be dangerous as well. Be safe while having fun this winter!


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