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The Engagement Ring

The Engagement Ring


This week’s podcast information comes courtesy of Grange Insurance, whose article on insuring your engagement ring is filled with good information:

  • Buy the ring & keep the receipt – some carriers may require insuring the ring for its retail value, so it’s best the keep the receipt as proof of purchase
  • Call your independent insurance agent – your agent will help you through the process and explain coverage.
  • Get an appraisal – most insurance carriers will require the ring to be insured for “replacement value” and an appraisal will help determine the amount of coverage needed. Also, jewelry values in excess of certain dollar amounts require an appraisal to be kept on file.
  • Changing coverage or adding an endorsement – depending on the situation, the ring could be covered in a variety of ways from increasing the Unscheduled Jewelry limit to scheduling the ring on a home/renter/condo/mobile home policy or writing a separate “jewelry floater” to cover just the ring.
  • Propose – now that the ring is covered properly, go ahead and propose!


Your hometown insurance agent can help you determine the best course of action to insure the symbol of love that you want to give to that special someone in your life. Be aware, though, that the court system has deemed that such a symbol of love is a promise or contract. If the engagement is called off, the ring most often expected to go back to the giver and not kept by the givee…


Contact Us!

At Marsilje & Vander Plow Insurance Agency, we can work with you to make sure you’ve got the coverage you need, while at the same time using all possible credits and discounts to make that coverage affordable. Just give us a call at 616-396-1497 or send us a note at marsiljeins@gmail.com. We want to help you meet your goals, and make sure what’s important to you is protected!


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