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With Spring here & the Winter snows melted, in many areas of the country mold is becoming prevalent. Mold requires very little to grow (warm, damp areas) and if left unchecked can become a physical danger to those that breathe in the spores.

The North Carolina Department of Health shares some information on their website about mold:

  • Water can enter into any building without proper prevention/maintenance
  • Water vapor/humidity can help to promote mold growth
  • HVAC units that are too small for the building/area it is meant to cool/heat can contribute to increasing the humidity/allow for condensation to occur

On Martha Stewart’s website, she shares some prevention tips as well:

  • Be sure to wipe down/squeegee all wet surfaces after taking a shower or bath
  • Don’t use a bleach cleaning product, use tea tree oil for hard surfaces
  • Take care of leaky pipes/faucets/roof leaks/foundation cracks to prevent water/mold damage
  • Have your HVAC checked if your vents smell “musty” or there is condensation around them
  • DO NOT try to take care of mold yourself

Finally on ServPro’s website, they recommend the following if mold is found:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold
  • Turn off your HVAC to prevent spreading of spores
  • Don’t use bleach or other biocides
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself


Some homeowners policy include $10,000 – $50,000 for mold remediation, but as you read the fine print – the coverage is available only to covered water losses only and only after the water damage had been taken care of…


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