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Fireworks Safety for Pets & Kids

Fireworks Safety for Pets & Kids

The Fourth of July holiday weekend is upon us, people are hitting the road & preparing for fun, food, & of course fireworks! It’s important to stay safe when handling & viewing fireworks, so this week we shared some tips from the Mommy Enterprises blog:

  • Keep glow bracelets/sticks out of reach of your pets & young children. The fluorescent chemicals inside can make them sick even though they may be labeled non-toxic.
  • Pick up all debris from fireworks & outdoor festivities (balloons, streamers, plasticware, etc.), pets (especially dogs) & small children like to chew or stick things in their mouths.
  • Don’t bring your pet to a fireworks show or allow them outdoors when fireworks are being set off. Many dogs are sensitive to loud sounds & flashing lights. Create a refuge for them, a quiet & dark space for them to calm down.
  • Watch alcoholic drinks & keep them away from young children & pets. All it takes is grabbing the wrong cup to warrant a visit to the emergency room.
  • Stay hydrated. Keep kids & pets well-hydrated and cool in the hot weather. If your pet is subject to excessive panting & lethargy, get them into the shade as soon as possible & ply them with cold water.
  • Keep kids & pets away from the grilling area, even though the gas is off or the coals have been removed – the grill itself can still be very hot.


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