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First Aid

First Aid

All this month we are going to focus in on some safety tips when it comes to spending time outdoors around your home.

This week, a blog article from CPR Certified & one from PetMD gives some first aid tips for both humans & animals during the summer months:

  • For minor burns, run cold water over them and apply a clean bandage loosely over the wound. DO NOT POP BLISTERS! Blisters form as a natural protectant.
  • For bee stings, use a fingernail or edge of a credit card to SCRAPE the stinger away & wash the area with soap/water and apply ointment if needed.
  • For ticks, use a pair of tweezers & gently tug at the body to dislodge it being careful not to separate the head. Wash with soap/water & treat with antiseptic. Monitor for 30 days for signs of Lyme Disease.
  • Keep pets indoors if at all possible when temperatures rise above 80 degrees, if you can’t, make sure there is enough shade & access to cool water.
  • Before taking your pet for a walk, test the sidewalk with your hand – if you cannot keep it on the surface for more than 10 seconds, don’t go for a walk or outfit your pet with booties to protect the pads of their feet.
  • Keep pool chemicals away from pets, chlorine and other such chemicals are toxic to both humans and pets.


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