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Weird Claims Podcast

Weird Claims Podcast


As promised, to end the month of August we present our “weird claims” podcast where we share some of the weirdest claims insurance companies have settled. Unfortunately we didn’t get a huge response from our listeners, but here are some claims that have been covered/paid by insurance companies over the years:

Animal Damage – An insured and his wife took a trip to Oklahoma for vacation & while there went out on a prairie dog hunting expedition. Upon returning, a group of wild horses has surrounded their truck. After the initial, “Aw, isn’t that cute?” feeling ended they realized that the horses had chewed apart EVERY piece of plastic or rubber on the outside and inside of the truck from the bumper cover to the steering wheel. The company paid the claim for the horse damage.

“Animal” Damage – An insured had accidentally kicked a full paint can down his carpeted basement stairs. Company denied the claim (“clumsiness” isn’t a covered peril), but told the insured that had his pet knocked over the paint can it would have been covered under “animal damage”.

“Adult” Things – Someone had their home broken into and ransacked. Among the items stolen were a collection of lingerie & “personal” massaging devices. Needless to say, they had to present a cataloged list of items & values. The company paid to replace everything.

Close Encounters – A recent storm had found a client’s summer cottage buried under huge trees that had blown down. The majority of the structure survived as the trees intertwined holding themselves up. The cost of the damage to the structure was $7,000, but the cost to remove the trees was $14,000. The insurance company paid the claim.

Almost Totaled – An insured’s vehicle was involved in a collision that damaged among other things the seat belt mechanism. The mechanism was not available as an after-market part, nor was it available from the car manufacturer. The insurance company was going to total the vehicle because a replacement couldn’t be found. Luckily, the collision center located a NOS part in Wisconsin for $220.

Disco’s Dead – An insured had a dishwasher hose leak into the floor and the basement below. The leak reached a storage closet filled with polyester suits from the 1970’s/early 1980’s from when the insured was an insurance agent. The company bought him a closet of brand new suits (even though I still believe they should have denied the claim based on the suits being either obsolete or stored/no longer being used).

Sit On It – A family had gathered for the holidays, granddaughter brought her viola to perform for the family. After her “concert”, she laid the viola down to get something to drink. Grandfather sits on the viola & damages it. Grandfather’s home liability coverage paid to replace the viola under “damage to property of others”.

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