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Winterize Your Toys

Winterize Your Toys


Today we talked about tips when it comes to storing your summer toys. Finding tips for winterizing your RV from RV Trader, remember:

  • Check the underside of the RV for any spaces that mice or rodents can enter and fill as necessary. Use mousetraps and check weekly.
  • Clean out the cupboards & refrigerator, leaving doors open & boxes of baking soda for odor control
  • If going into long-term storage, trip the main breakers
  • Inspect all exterior seams & roof, repair as necessary
  • Cover RV with UV-resistant tarp or wax exterior of RV to protect siding

For Motorcycles & personal watercraft, BikeBandit & Jetski.com have similar tips:

  • Wash/wax your ride to remove dirt/debris/salt & protect the exterior finish
  • Change the oil and filter, used oil contains acids that can wear down engine bearings
  • Lube up any moving parts to protect them from rust/corrosion
  • Fill up the tank and use a fuel stabilizer. Having a full tank prevents excess moisture from building up
  • Pull the battery out when storing for long periods of time. Protects the bike from short-circuits and shortens the life of the battery

For boats, we shared tips from Popular Mechanics:

  • Check hull for stress cracks, blisters, or dents and attend to them
  • Wash & wax hull, use a specialized marine wax if possible
  • Remove any electronics you can & spray all exposed electrical connections with a moisture-displacing lubricant
  • Clean the interior of the boat & drain water tanks/hoses
  • Make sure the cover for the boat covers the waterline and build a frame to evenly distribute snow if storing outside
  • Flush engines with fresh water, making sure they are completely dry before storing
  • Fill the fuel tank and use a fuel stabilizer


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