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Memorial Day Tips

Memorial Day Tips

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is upon us, today we share tips on making your weekend festivities safe and delicious!


The Asbury Park Press offers tips from their local chefs when it comes to preparing your holiday feast:

– Heat up your grill for at least 5 minutes with the lid closed and then use a grill brush to clean the grates of old food particles & rust. Use a paper towel coated with olive oil to grease the grates which allows food to easily come off.

– When cooking any meat, don’t press down on it while it’s cooking as that allows its natural juices to flow out and dries out the meat.

– Flip your protein once. There is no need to flip steaks/hamburgers/bratwurst/chicken more than once if cooking properly.

– Keep your menu simple and prepare as much as you can beforehand. This will help cut down on the chaos when guests arrive.


The website Reviewed offers some tips when it comes to preparing for holiday travel:

– Check your battery. Typical usage life of a car battery is anywhere from 3-to-5 years. Keep your phone charge as well as have a portable cellphone charger just in case.

– A flashlight is your friend. Breaking down at night is bad enough, not having a decent light source makes it even worse. LED flashlights are best as their light is brighter and their battery life lasts longer.

– Check ALL of your tires. Most people do a cursory check of their tires, but really take a look at the tread for worn spots or trouble spots in the sidewalls. Check your spare as well, it isn’t of much use if it is flat.

– Top off fluids. Read your owners manual to see what fluid levels should be and top off as necessary.


The state of Massachusetts in their blog post offers tips to those leaving home for the holiday:

– Bring a copy of all email correspondence when renting a vacation property or hotel room.

– Talk to your health insurance provider about their out-of-network procedures in case you are traveling somewhere outside your health insurance network.

– Avoid sharing details of your trip on social media. Avoid checking in at locations and post pictures at the very end of your trip.


Above all be safe and have fun!


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