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Snowstorm Preparedness


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Snowstorm Preparedness

Something we in the Midwest dread, the upcoming winter season. Sure the snow is lovely, the holidays sublime, but with dropping temperatures and hazards of ice & snow it can be a bit nerve-wracking. The US government via their Ready.gov website has an article with tips to be safe during snowstorms and extreme temperature changes.

For “Winter Storm Warnings”:

  • Stay off the road if at all possible
  • Stay indoors and dress warmly
  • Prepare for power outages
  • Use generators outside and away from windows/doors
  • Look for signs of hypothermia
  • Check on neighbors


Prepare NOW!:

  • Know your area’s risk for winter storms and prepare accordingly
  • Make sure your caulking/insulation/weather stripping is in good repair
  • Learn how to properly keep pipes from freezing
  • Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors with battery back-ups
  • Gather enough supplies for each person/pet in your home to last several days
  • Learn the signs and basic treatments for frostbite and hypothermia


Check out the article at Ready.gov for more info on staying safe during snowstorms!


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