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Holiday Travel Tips


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Holiday Travel Tips


This week many are preparing to drive/fly to friends & family for the Christmas holiday. Before you head out, check out this article from The Travel Channel with 10 tips to help make your travel easier whether by plane or “Wagon Queen Family Truckster”!


Tip #1 – Do Research. Find alternate routes when driving to make the trip more interesting. Take frequent breaks at interesting places (rather than truck stops). If you’re flying, make sure to get info on carry-on & checked baggage.

Tip #2 – Stay Connected. There are a ton of phone/tablet apps that will help you on your travels from finding out how long the security lines are at the airport to finding the cleanest restrooms near you.

Tip #3 – Pack Light. If you can, try to travel with just a carry-on to avoid the long lines waiting for baggage. Don’t try to wear all your clothes at once to avoid baggage fees…

Tip #4 – Pack Earplugs. Using some earplugs & eye mask will help to block out the chaos on the airplane or in the back seat and may help you relax.

Tip #5 – Don’t Get Hangry. Eat something before you travel & pack snacks/drinks when on a road trip. If you’re at the airport, seek out Popeye’s for some of their “emotional support chicken“…


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