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Child Car Safety


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Child Car Safety


The image captured of a child flung out of a car still strapped to her car seat is very jarring. Over 100,000 children are injured each year due to improperly installed car seats/restraints. We wanted to share some tips on keeping your children safe while riding in your vehicle.

An article from DMV.org shares tips on properly installing a car seat in your vehicle:

  • Read the instructions. DON’T GUESS! Make sure you read the manual thoroughly and make sure you understand how to install it properly.
  • Reference your vehicle’s manual. Some vehicles have car seat anchors and other features to help you secure your child car seat properly. Older vehicles may not and will require the safety belt to secure the seat in place.
  • Lock the seat belt. Your vehicle’s manual should have information on how to lock the seatbelt once the car seat is in place.
  • Secure tightly. There should be no more than an inch of “wiggle room” in any direction.

Be sure to read the rest of the tips at DMV.org to ensure your child car seat is properly installed.

The folks at KidsHealth.org have some additional tips for older children:

– Wear your seatbelt EVERY TIME. No matter if you’re running down the street to the post office or across the country, wearing your seatbelt is important. Be sure to buckle up as soon as you get into the vehicle.

– Use a booster. Children should use a booster seat until they are 4 feet 9 inches tall or reach the weight/height limits of their car seat.

– Back seat, please. Until your child has reached the age of 12, it is recommended they remain in the back seat. There is a less-likely chance of hitting the windshield or injuries from a deployed air bag by sitting in the back.

Check out the full article at Kidshealth.org for more tips on car seat safety for older children!



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