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Memorial Day Tips


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Memorial Day Tips

Memorial Day is coming up this weekend (at the time of the recording), a time to spend thanking those who fought/are fighting for our country. It’s also the “unofficial” first day of grilling/picnic season. We found an article from the Epicurious with a bunch of helpful tips to make your Memorial Day picnic the best it can be!

  • Buy a charcoal chimney & use REAL charcoal. The chimney helps get the charcoal to the “cooking coals” stage much quicker and easier than just lining/stacking the charcoal in the grill and lighting it
  • DON’T USE LIGHTER FLUID if you are using natural charcoal. The chemical smell/taste of lighter fluid isn’t very appetizing…
  • “Seasoning” your grill grate is important. cleaning the grill with a wire brush and then using a pair of tongs with a cloth towel dipped in vegetable oil and rubbing on the grate while the grill is heating will help. You may have to “season” several times based on what you are grilling.
  • Make Sides. Utilize one side of your grill for direct heat (over the coals or fire) and the other side for indirect heat. This way you can cook 2 dishes at once.
  • Baste it. have a spray bottle handy with water to help quell flare-ups. You could also use it to baste your meat & veggies by using wine/apple cider/herbs instead of water.


Be sure to check out the full article at Epicurious for more tips (including a recipe for grilling hot dogs!).


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