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Tips for Father’s Day


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Tips for Father’s Day


This coming Sunday marks Father’s Day, a time where we recognize the men who (hopefully) raised us right and made us what we are today. Instead of the old tie or coffee mug gifts, here are some tips from Everyday Family to help make your Father’s Day special!:

– Do Something He Wants To Do. Go fishing, take in a ballgame, go hiking. You might not be interested in the same things, but spending time and making memories are the goal.

– Hold A Competition. If you’re dad is of the competitive type or enjoys sports, create an obstacle course in the backyard & invite other families over to participate. Again, the goal is to make memories that he will remember forever.

– Skip The Tie, Get A Tablet. If your dad is of the “techy” sort, get him some technology. Upgrade his phone or tablet, maybe spring for some accessories to help with his gadgets.

– Cook His Favorite Meal. Everyone is going out for Father’s Day, why not stay in and create his favorite dishes? Having a home-cooked meal with family is much more important than being in a crowded & noisy restaurant.


Check out the full article from Everyday Family with more tips on ways to make this Father’s Day even more special!


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