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Pet Travel Tips


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Pet Travel Tips

Travel season is not yet over with summer gone & some will be taking their beloved pets with them. We found this post from the ASPCA with tips not only for road travel, but also for airline/train/bus/boat travel as well. Be sure to click-through and read all the tips!:

– Prepare your Pet. If you will be driving a long distance, train your pet beforehand by taking several shorter trips – each time increasing the time/distance so your pet gets used to its environment. If traveling across state lines, you may have to have proof of vaccinations so be sure your pet is up-to-date.

– Keep Your Pet Secured. Use a proper-size crate for your pet. They should be able to stand/sit/lie/turn around in it. Make sure to secure the crate to keep it from banging around if you stop suddenly. If foregoing the crate, your pet should be harnessed to the safety belt in the back seat and not allowed to roam around.

– Direct Flights. If at all possible, try to get a direct flight when flying to minimize the chance for your pet to be stuck on the tarmac in extreme temperatures or mishandling from baggage personnel.

– Properly Identify. Make sure the flight-approved crate is clearly marked “LIVE ANIMAL” with both your pet’s information (including a photo) and your information in case your pet escapes. Keep a photo of your pet with you for the same reason.

– Let Employees Know. Let every airline employee you encounter both on the ground and in the air that you have a pet in the cargo hold so they can be ready for any additional considerations/issues arise during the flight. If you are concerned for your pet, see if they can check on your animal (when feasible).

Traveling can be exhausting for humans and even more so for pets. Be sure to check out the full article from the ASPCA with more tips to help you when traveling with your pet!


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