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Fall Fire Safety Tips


Fall Fire Safety Tips

October is National Fire Prevention Month, which makes sense because the nights are getting cooler and many will be turning on their furnaces or using their wood stove/fireplace for the first time of the season. We found tips from the Madisonville Fire Department’s website for keeping you, your loved ones, & your property safe:

– Inspect Furnace/Fireplace/Wood Stove. We mentioned this on a previous podcast, but it’s still good information to refresh your memory. Have your furnace/fireplace/wood stove inspected each year before you turn it on. This is to ensure that there are no dangers present. Make sure you use a certified/qualified person to do the inspection.

– Use Space Heaters Sparingly. Space heaters should not be the only source of heat in the house. If you use space heaters as supplemental heat, be sure to inspect them for any damage to the unit or electrical cord before use. Keep an area of 3-4ft clear around the heater & never allow the heater to remain on when you go to bed or leave the house.

– Leaf Burning Safety. Check with your local authorities for information on burning leaves in your area. Never leave a pile of burning leaves alone & keep a fire extinguisher or other means to snuff out the fire nearby.

– Check Those Detectors. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are fully-charged and in good working order. Vacuum & clean as necessary, dust/dirt build up can affect the performance of the detector.


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