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Halloween Pet Safety Tips


Halloween Pet Safety Tips


Many people think about their child’s and other childrens’ safety when it comes to celebrating Halloween, but how many think of their pets? This week we shared some tips from an article at PetMD to help keep your pets safe during the Halloween holiday celebration.

– Keep Candy Out of Reach of Your Pet. Chocolate and candies containing xylitol can be deadly to your pet. Keep candy in sealable containers rather than the trick-or-treat bags.

– Keep Your Pet Indoors on Halloween. Leaving your pet outside during the holiday could allow the pet to be taunted/abused/killed or could cause the pet stress and they could react negatively. Be smart, keep them indoors.

– Keep Your Pet Secluded Indoors. Just as with the Fourth of July holiday, you want to minimize your pet’s exposure to loud sounds and lights. Put them in a back room with the lights turned down and soothing music to keep them calm.

– Keep the Glow Sticks Out of Reach. Even though most glow sticks are non-toxic, the taste of the material may make your pet ill or stress them out with the glow stains on their paws/face. Get them to drink water or a small meal to help get the taste out of their mouth.

– Keep the Display Vegetation Out of Reach. Pumpkins, gourds, & uncooked corn could cause intestinal issues for your pet if ingested in large pieces. They can also develop mold growth that could be toxic to them.

Be sure to check out the full article from Pet MD for the rest of these wonderful tips to keep your pets safe on the Halloween holiday.


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