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Winter Car Prep


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Winter Car Prep

We don’t know where you live but winter is here in the Midwest. Some areas are reporting massive amounts of snow and that means it’s time to make sure your vehicle is prepared. We found an article from the NHTSA with tips not only for being safe on the road, but it also offers tips on how to prepare your vehicle for winter:

– Check the Battery. Make sure your battery is charging properly. Check the belts & cables to ensure they are working properly. Replace as necessary.

– Check those Lights. Make sure your headlights, taillights, turn signals, parking lights, & interior lights are in good working order.

– Check the Coolant. Make sure your coolant system is in good working order with no leaks. The coolant should be replaced according to the schedule in your owners manual. Be sure to use the right coolant mix for your vehicle & climate.

– Check the Windshield. Make sure your windshield is free of cracks/chips and replace as necessary. Check the front & rear defrosters to make sure they are in working order. Use de-icing windshield fluid and replace the wiper blades if they look worn/damaged/cracked.

– Check the Tires. Make sure the tread on your tires is within the guidelines in your owners manual and replace them if the tread is worn or damaged. Maintain proper tire pressure, going by your owners manual or the sticker on the door frame – DO NOT go by the pressure indicated on the tire itself!


Be sure to read the whole article from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for more tips on preparing your vehicle for winter!

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