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Christmas Shopping Safety




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Christmas Shopping Safety


The Christmas shopping season started in early November with sales both online and in stores. This marked the first time that mobile shopping (via phone/tablet) outperformed computer/in-store shopping. But often you need to head to the stores shopping for those last-minute gifts. We found some tips from The Hearty Soul to help you be safe when out shopping in the stores:

– Leave the Cash at Home. Don’t bring a lot of cash with you, use your credit/debit cards instead. You can call in and cancel a credit/debit card that is stolen, but if a thief gets your cash – you’re out of luck. If you absolutely have to bring cash, keep it in a wallet that is located in your front pocket (harder for pick-pockets).

– Dress for the Grocery Store, Not the Taj Mahal. Dress in comfortable clothes and leave the excess/expensive jewelry at home. Dressing down may cause thieves to skip you and move onto a more-profitable mark.

– Don’t Use ATMs. If you need cash, utilize the “cash back” feature at the check out (when available) or go to your bank. Mall/store ATMs may contain card skimmers & thieves could be staking out ATMs to find their prey.

– Go with a Friend. Especially if shopping in the evening, have a friend or two with you. The larger the crowd, the more-likely a thief will skip you. If you need to shop alone, shop during daylight hours or park in a well-lit parking spot at night near the entrance to the store/mall.

-Be Aware of Your Surroundings. Too many people have their heads buried in their phones and aren’t paying attention. Just what thieves are looking for.


Be sure to read the rest of the tips from The Hearty Soul to help you have a good time when out getting those Christmas gift bargains!

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