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Snow Removal Safety Tips


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Snow Removal Safety Tips


The Great Lakes area is predicted to get up to a foot of snow within a 24hr period this weekend. We felt it best to share some tips on being safe when digging yourself out of the white stuff. We found this article from Replacement Commercial Parts Warehouse with all sorts of tips whether you’re shoveling, blowing, or plowing your driveway:

– Check your health. Consult with your physician to make sure you are well enough to handle the snow removal duties. Removing snow can put significant strain on your heart. If you have existing medical conditions, consider hiring someone to come out to remove the snow than to risk a serious medical event.

– Dress warm & keep your vision clear. Dress in layers and keep your eyes clear of scarves & hats. Dressing in layers will help with insulation & allow body heat to ventilate to cut down on excessive sweating. Wear appropriate footwear & gloves.

– Start early. Remove snow more frequently so that you are only dealing with light layers of snow rather than waiting for it all to come down or become difficult to manage.

For Snow Shovelers:

– Warm up & pace yourself. You should warm up your muscles with some light stretching & pace yourself. Take breaks when needed, don’t be a hero and try to finish everything in one go.

– Proper equipment & technique. Make sure your shovel/snow pusher is in good condition and is comfortable to use. Using a shovel that doesn’t fit will cause muscle strain & fatigue much quicker. Push the snow when you can rather than lifting and throwing.Squat and don’t bend at the waist, certainly don’t twist your torso when tossing snow.

For Snowblowers:

– Clear the area and your snowblower. Make sure the area is cleared of things that could get stuck in the blower such as sleds/doormats/wires/etc. Also make sure your snowblower is in good working condition with plenty of fuel.

– Clearing jams & watching cords. Turn the engine completely off when clearing a jam in the snowblower & watch the electrical cords if using an electric snowblower.
For Snow Plows:

– Get rest & check equipment. Make sure you are plenty rested before getting behind the wheel. Also inspect your vehicle and the snow plow to make sure everything is in good running condition. Make repairs/adjustments before going out.

– Pace yourself & know your limits. Take your time snow plowing, watch out for people/animals/debris that may be hidden by the snow. You should mark the outlines for the area you are going to plow to help avoid those hidden obstacles & minimize damage to property & your plow/vehicle.

The article at Replacement Commercial Parts Warehouse has many more tips for safely removing snow from your property so be sure to check out the full article!


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