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Cold & Flu Health Tips


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Cold & Flu Health Tips

With the Coronavirus making national news & locally schools are closing due to illness, we felt it important to share some tips to help you through the worst cold & flu season yet. This article from the Centers for Disease Control offer up some great tips on battling colds & flu:

– Avoid Close Contact. Stay away from people who are ill and conversely stay away from people when you are ill.

– Stay Home. If at all possible, stay home when you are ill to prevent spreading the illness.

– Cover Your Face. Cover your mouth & nose with a tissue or hankerchief when coughing or sneezing. Not covering your mouth & nose can spread illness through airborne saliva droplets or mucus. Consider wearing a dust/surgical mask if coughing or sneezing is constant.

– Wash Your Hands. Ignaz Semmelweis discovered that infection from germs/sickness could be greatly reduced by washing your hands with plain soap & water. Use antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer if unable to wash your hands.
Be sure to check out the full article from the CDCwith more tips to help you during the cold & flu season at home, at work, and at school.




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