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Jewelry Appraisal Tips


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Jewelry Appraisal Tips

At the time of this recording, Valentine’s Day is just one day away. Millions of people across the country will celebrate the love their have for their family or significant other through gifts such as traditional candy hearts & roses, and jewelry.

The cost of precious gems & metals have steadily increased over the last 10 years. Currently, gold is valued at $1,574.05/oz, platinum is valued at $973.50/oz, silver is valued at $17.50/oz, while diamonds (depending on the cut/clarity/color) are valued at anywhere from $3,000-$6,000 a carat.

With this in mind, you should consider getting appraisals on your precious jewelry if the approximate value is above $1,000. Many insurance carriers will require a current appraisal (done within the previous 3 years) for jewelry scheduled for more than $1,500. Here are some tips to help you with those appraisals from Beyond 4Cs, a website dedicated to help others in understanding diamond grading/appraisals.
1) Use a certified gemologist or appraiser. These people have gone through much education to value jewelry/gems and are required to update their certification regularly to keep up with new jewelry/gem appraisal techniques & requirements.

2) Get an appraisal certificate. Most reputable appraisal outfits provide an official certificate of appraisal for the piece of jewelry in question that includes all the information about the piece, a photo of the piece, and the current value which is signed by the appraiser. You may pay a document fee in addition to the appraisal fee, so find an appraiser that incudes the document at no extra charge.

3) Bring all your documentation. Bring your original bill of sale and warranty info (if available), prior appraisals, any historical information that may be helpful in the appraisal (think “heirloom jewelry”)

4) Be sure you ask questions. You should ask questions before the appraisal so you can better understand the appraiser/appraisal process. The article has several questions that can be helpful.

If you’re giving a loved one a piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day or have jewelry in your collection you think might be worth some money, make sure you get a proper appraisal and schedule it on your policy. Be sure to read the full article from Beyond 4Cs for more tips and questions to ask an appraiser!


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