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Why Water Backup?




Why Water Backup?

One of the major disasters that can happen to a home is a water/sewer backup in a basement. The mess, the smell, the clean up. If you own a home/condo with a basement, you may want to consider the purchase of water/sewer back up coverage on your home insurance policy. Grange Insurance has an article with 4 reasons to purchase the coverage and a list of ways to prevent them from occurring.

1) – It’s Not Included. Your standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover water/sewer backup that does not originate from the interior plumbing system. Toilet overflow, water heater breach, dishwasher hose break, those are considered interior plumbing issues and the resulting damage would be covered. Water backup that occurs from a floor drain in the basement or from the sump are excluded from coverage on a homeowners policy.

2) – The Cost Is Often Minimal. Depending on the level of coverage desired, coverage could be had for as little as $50/yr. Talk with your agent about the coverage level needed to cover your basement/belongings stored in the basement.

3) – Water Backups Happen. No one is totally immune from water backups and it can happen anytime/anywhere. Doesn’t matter if your home is built on a hill or on sandy soil, or if you don’t have a basement.

4) – Loss Of Use Qualification. If you have water/sewer backup coverage and the covered damage makes your home uninhabitable for a period of time, you can utilize the Loss of Use coverage on your home policy to cover a temporary residence & other expenses relating to being unable to live in your home.
Talk to your insurance agent today about the benefits of sewer/water backup coverage and be sure to visit Grange Insurance to read tips on how to prevent backups from occurring.


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