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Trip Cancellation Insurance


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Trip Cancellation Insurance

With the recent developments of Covid-19 becoming a pandemic, many venues are cancelling their events to prevent the spread of the virus. Most-recently, one of the biggest media/music/film conferences in the country had to cancel for the first time in it’s 34 year history. Big names such as Facebook, Intel, TikTok, & Twitter had pulled out of appearing at the conference due to Covid-19 fears. Unfortunately for SXSW, their cancellation insurance does not cover communicable disease/viruses & insurance carriers have pulled the buy-back option for such coverage amid the pandemic.

This begs the question, what happens if your vacation is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances? If you haven’t considered it, you may want to purchase insurance to cover such calamities.

Tripsavvy has an article which talks about trip cancellation insurance which is very informative.

Most standard trip cancellation insurance plans cover:

– Death of traveler/travel companion/immediate family member
– Accidental injury immediately before or on their way to departure
– An unforeseen natural weather occurrence at the destination
– A legal obligation such as jury duty or witness at a trial

Most standard trip cancellation insurance plans exclude:

– Employment obligations
– Unexpected life events such as pregnancy or illness
– Other personal situations that may prevent travel

If you are concerned about unexpected life events or personal situations that may result in a cancellation of your trip, you may want to look into the “cancel for any reason” buy-back option that may be available to you:

-Must be purchased within 2-3 weeks of initial deposit of payment for an additional fee
– Must insure for entire cost of trip
– Reimbursement is between 50% and 75% of non-refundable trip costs


Be sure to read the full article with more tips from Tripsavvy when it comes to the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.

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