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Delivery Exclusion Modifications


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Delivery Exclusion Modifications

During these tough times of the Covid-19 “stay home, stay safe” mandate, small businesses are trying to find ways to stay afloat which may include delivery options when delivery may not have been available before. Insurance companies are responding to the current climate by modifying their personal auto & motorcycle policies to include coverage that was excluded prior.

The un-endorsed personal auto policy has exclusions for using your personal auto for business:

“Maintaining or using any vehicle while that person is employed or otherwise engaged in any business not described in exclusion A.6.”

Exclusion A.6. reads, “While employed or otherwise engaged in the business of selling/repairing/servicing/storing/parking vehicles designed for use mainly on public highways. This includes road testing and delivery. This exclusion does not apply to the ownership, maintenance or use of your covered auto by you/any family member.”

These exclusions have been temporarily modified by insurance carriers to meet the needs of the current economic climate. Again these are temporary and most have been extended through the end of April:

Frankenmuth Insurance & Safeco Insurance – Allows for delivery of food using personal vehicles ONLY for those working at restaurants that did not have delivery prior to the Covid-19 mandate. It does not offer coverage for those who use transportation networks (Uber Eats/Lyft) or other food delivery networks (GrubHub/DoorDash) to deliver food.

Progressive Insurance – The wording of the coverage update does not specifically exclude transportation networks/food delivery networks from coverage. You may need to contact the company or your agent to find out if you are covered while working for those networks.

Foremost/Bristol West Insurance – The wording includes delivery of “essentials” such as groceries/medicine/food/medical supplies and extends to both the personal auto & motorcycle policies.

It’s important to check with your insurance carrier to see how they will handle using your personal vehicle to deliver food/essentials either for your employer or on your own through a network. Don’t assume that since other carriers are offering the additional coverage that your carrier will as well.


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