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Road Trip Tips


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Road Trip Tips

With states relaxing their guidelines as far as the Covid-19 pandemic amusement parks, state & national parks, & other tourist destinations are ramping up for the summer travel season. If you’re planning a road trip this summer with the family, we found this article on the Huffington Post with tips to make your road trip a little more special & awesome.
1 – Make “Liquid” plans. Of course you want to plan your destination and where you will sleep each night, but don’t do more than that. Keep your drive time to 8 hours or less per day and get ready for adventure!

2 – Research, Smesearch. Avoid the local tourist locations and look for the odd & out-of-the-way discoveries that most tourists don’t find.

3 – Don’t Overpack. You’re going to want to bring home souvenirs other than a t-shirt or keychain. Maybe you’ll buy a cow skull in Arizona or an antique rug in Louisiana, you know you’re gonna need the room…

4 – Let Someone Know. Keep in text or contact with family members or friends on where you’re staying each night and where you expect to be the next day. Just in case something happens, they have a starting point to look.

5 – Road Games. Sure there’s license plate bingo or i-spy, make up your own games and have fun!
Be sure to visit the Huffington Post for more tips on making this summer’s road trip more special!

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Pool Opening Tips


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Pool Opening Tips

This week is the first week of June, a time when many are preparing to open their pool for the first time of the summer season. We wanted to share tips from an article at to help you whether you’re a veteran pool opener or opening your pool for the first time.


Clean Up – Before even attempting to open your pool, take time to clean up the pool & surrounding area. Taking care of debris that may fall into the pool beforehand will save you the pains of having to clean it out of the pool later. Check the status of the deck, deck furniture, & the exterior of the pool to make sure everything is in good repair. Repair or replace as necessary.

Check Those Chemicals – Inventory your chemicals and replace those that are expired or look “iffy”. The article has a list of chemicals you should have on hand.

Removing the Cover. Use a submersible pump to bleed water off the cover (if it has collected) and remove any leaves/debris you can before you attempt to remove it. Once it has been removed, lay it out & scrub it down. Allow to dry before you fold it up and store it.

Pool Inspection – Inspect the interior of the pool, remove the plugs from the various openings, check the pump and other items to make sure they are in good working condition.

Fill Pool – If you have an above-ground pool that remains up all year, you should have lowered the water line to below the return jets before winterizing. Fill the pool to the water line and hop in. Use your scrub brush to scrub the algae & other stuff from the walls & floor allowing the skimmer to being the filtering process.


Be sure to check out the full article for more tips on opening your pool for the summer season!


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