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Road Trip Tips


(Photo courtesy StockVault.net)

Road Trip Tips

With states relaxing their guidelines as far as the Covid-19 pandemic amusement parks, state & national parks, & other tourist destinations are ramping up for the summer travel season. If you’re planning a road trip this summer with the family, we found this article on the Huffington Post with tips to make your road trip a little more special & awesome.
1 – Make “Liquid” plans. Of course you want to plan your destination and where you will sleep each night, but don’t do more than that. Keep your drive time to 8 hours or less per day and get ready for adventure!

2 – Research, Smesearch. Avoid the local tourist locations and look for the odd & out-of-the-way discoveries that most tourists don’t find.

3 – Don’t Overpack. You’re going to want to bring home souvenirs other than a t-shirt or keychain. Maybe you’ll buy a cow skull in Arizona or an antique rug in Louisiana, you know you’re gonna need the room…

4 – Let Someone Know. Keep in text or contact with family members or friends on where you’re staying each night and where you expect to be the next day. Just in case something happens, they have a starting point to look.

5 – Road Games. Sure there’s license plate bingo or i-spy, make up your own games and have fun!
Be sure to visit the Huffington Post for more tips on making this summer’s road trip more special!

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