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RV Buying Tips


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RV Buying Tips

More and more people are purchasing recreational vehicles rather than spending money on air travel & hotel accommodations due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Hitting the open road and camping in nature is a good way to social distance while enjoying a relaxing time with family.

This article from Business Insider offers tips to those who want to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort…

Decide the Type of RV – from pop-up camper trailers to full-size Class A motor homes, figure out what you want out of your recreational vehicle experience. From there you can decide how big you want and what features will enhance your experience.

Know the Value – Do research before you commit to find out what the average retail price of the RV you are looking for. The article has a quote from the author of Camper Report stating that you should never buy an RV brand new.

Check the Tires – Whether buying brand new or used, always check the tires and replace them at least every 5 years. Even if the tread is still good, blowouts can occur.

Research the History – As with purchasing a new or used car, check the VIN for the RV you are looking at for its history. Check to see if it was in any accidents/rebuilt/stolen and if there are any recalls.

Beware of Scams – Never deal with an owner that requires a wire transfer or payment via check.
Of course we want you to check out the full article from Business Insider with even more tips on purchasing a Recreational Vehicle.


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