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Warmth During a Power Outage

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Warmth During a Power Outage

Much of the country experienced a wave of severe cold weather this week, especially in areas that don’t usually see temperatures below 40 degrees. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, & other usually warms states have seen temperatures in the teens as well as ice & snow. This has affected power grids for these states leaving many without power, water, & heat. We found this article from Prepper’s Will with tips on how to stay warm during a power outage:

  • Check Your Efficiency. Have someone come in to do an examination of your home to point out weak spots as far as losing heat in the home. Many natural gas & electric companies offer services like this to help their clients save money on their natural gas and electric bills. Use the information to properly seal your home and provide more barriers to keep heat inside your home.
  • Purchase a Generator. Depending on your needs, a small generator could be enough to run your stove, refrigerator, and other key electrical appliances. Be sure to keep the generator away from all doors & windows or other areas where the generator exhaust could creep in. People die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning because of improperly using a portable generator or using their vehicles in enclosed spaces to keep warm.
  • Consider a Grill. A propane or charcoal grill will cook food/soups, as well as boil water for drinking & bathing. Do not use the grill in an enclosed space or close to your home.
  • Conserve Existing Heat. Use sheets/blankets/towels to trap warm air in occupied areas and prevent cold air from entering. Use blankets/towels/rugs to insulate the floor of the room/area you are occupying.
  • Basements Could Help. Basements can be easily heated and are naturally insulated by the ground around each wall. Average temperatures in basements are between 50-60 degrees and the enclosed space is easier to heat.

Be sure to read the full article from Prepper’s Will with more tips on keeping warm during a power outage as well as other tips for survival.

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