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Spring Motorcycle Tips

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Spring Motorcycle Tips

Here in Michigan it looks as though Old Man Winter has hit the road and spring is upon us. After a year into the pandemic people are looking to “get back to normal” and that means pulling out those toys from the garage and enjoying the fresh air of the open road.

For many, their motorcycles may have been stored all year and this spring is the first time they are able to ride. Before you hop on your bike and ride, we found this article from Rawhide Youth Services with tips on getting your motorcycle ready for the riding season.

  • Check for Critters & Junk. Whether or not you covered your bike for the winter, small critters may have taken up winter residence in your exhaust or intake. Check these areas thoroughly before you start up your bike to avoid any “incidents”.
  • Drain the Tank. If you didn’t property winterize your bike, the gas in the tank may be stale and prevent it from starting. Drain the tank and check the gas that comes out. If there are brown flecks, this could be an indicator that the inside of the tank has rusted. Treat the tank with acid remover to be sure that the tank is clear and to prevent problems with the fuel system.
  • Use Stabilizer. There may still be gas in the fuel system, so use a bottle of fuel stabilizer (according to the directions) to help clear out the old gas and maintain the fuel system.
  • Change That Oil. Storing the bike during the winter could cause condensation to develop and mix with the oil. It’s recommended to change the oil and filter at the beginning of every riding season to ensure everythng is good to go.
  • Top Off Those Fluids. Check the brake and hydraulic fluids for color & consistency. If the fluid looks dirty or different from fresh fluid, it is time for a change.

Be sure to check out the full article from Rawhide Youth Services for the rest of the tips to prepare your motorcycle for the upcoming riding season.

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