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Your Home’s Replacement Cost

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Your Home’s Replacement Cost

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard. Businesses having to shut down for long periods of time & then faced with restrictions and precautions when reopening, people out of work, it has been very difficult. The price of goods and services are rising and predictions are they will continue to rise over the next year and possibly into 2022. The price of eggs, meat, & other grocery staples have risen, gasoline & natural gas prices are on the rise as well. The construction supply industry has been very hit hard and prices are rising because of it. An article from Fortune Magazine states that prices for lumber have increased by 193% and are expected to rise even higher in the coming months. Steel prices are increasing as well according to this article.

What does this mean to you and your homeowners insurance? It means that the cost to rebuild your home today will cost more today than it did in 2020 or even in 2010. Prior to 2021, most insurance carrier used the approximate calculation for the rebuilding of a home of between $110 and $120 a square foot. Because of the skyrocketing costs of construction supplies, this amount has changed and the new figures are between $175 and $180 a square foot with some insurance companies going as high as $200 a square foot.

We recommend that you contact your hometown insurance agent and discuss the current coverage amount on your home (and any outbuildings) to verify the amount is enough to rebuild your home. In some instances you may find that your home is over-insured. This could be due to the built-in coverage insurance companies add for inflation which is usually between 2% and 5% depending on the carrier. If you have been with a carrier for a long time this amount compounds year after year which can get over and above the actual replacement cost of the home.

It’s important to make sure your home is insured to value as many clauses in homeowners insurance policies require this in order to have either the Guaranteed Replacement Cost or Extended Replacement Cost endorsement. Again, we recommend you contact your hometown insurance agent and discuss the coverage amount on your home to be sure it is adequate to replace it in case of a total loss.

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